Friday, July 25, 2008

First post; one month out

Today is July 25. My plane ticket (which I now, finally have) is for August 25. This means that one month from right now, I will have been in Guatemala for 2 hours. [It also means that I will be celebrating Lauren's birthday remotely. Bummer.]

Slowly but surely, the ducks are beginning to line up (no thanks to my organizational skills). I got two key forms into CGE yesterday. Somehow, that seems to have triggered a light switch of sorts where the balance shifted from majority-overwhelmed to majority-excited. This is a good trajectory.

I am very much looking forward to this, but I also have nerves that I think are healthy for a trip such as this.

I haven't yet figured out what my blogging vs. email-writing situation will be. Most likely, my communicating will use a bit of both. But I will try to keep folks updated as best I can. I especially don't think I'll be doing much blogging before I leave, but I wanted to have a spot to do any reflecting as I prepare.

Until I do...